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  1. rip s4mple 2k18

    See you around kiddo, gonna miss ya ;-;
  2. Just a heads up I'm not resigning from TS3 Mod, only. Oh boy the day has come that everyone expected. Yes I am resigning from Forum Mod. Ever since the new forums released, I have not been as active or as willing to come on and post, nonetheless staff on here. I don't have anything against the new forums, I just don't feel as encouraged to come on anymore. I'm not going to be completely inactive from forums, I will occasionally be on here and there. I'm trying to get more time on TeamSpeak however, which I will be spending most of my time while in this community. Who knows, I'll probably end up staffing on another AG server like in the past. Anyways just wanted to say my goodbyes as a Forum Mod, hope you all have a good day. P.S. Happy Mother's Day -Brontes (Brontitties)
  3. [Forum Staff Application][Crow]

    +1 Great staff, love this kiddo to death
  4. Resignation

    See you around kiddo I'll miss ya
  5. Mr. Richard Cranium's Resignation

    I'm broken. I'll see you around kiddo, I'll miss you ;-;
  6. 1v1 CSGO Event!

    I might be able to make it
  7. Art commissions for the community!

    Characters Name: Brontes Hair color: Medium Brown Skin color: White with very slight tan Eye color: Dark turquoise Hair length: Shorter side, somewhat fluffy and a little spiked Accessories: (Necklace, piercings, other weird shit?) Glasses Clothing: (Will probably be showing the shirt only, reminder) Some sort of basketball or baseball jersey Additional comments: <3
  8. Hi my name is Jack, and I hate myself.

    Welcome back Jack, great to see you around
  9. Are Traps Gay?

    Traps are not not gay
  10. [Discord Staff Application][Cute_eBoy/Ring]

    +1 Seen him around a lot, seems pretty chill
  11. Where did image re-sizer go?

    It would just things more convenient honestly
  12. Shoutbox Archive

    Times to create a many a memes :D
  13. Anyone play on Xbox? Add me

    Yeah I have you added Crow. If anyone else wants to add me my GT is xBrontes
  14. [CSGO Staff Application] [|AX|]

    +1 Great staff member, very experienced. Good dude as well