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  1. QuitTrying

    Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

    Yesterday the rapper " Mac Miller " Died of an Overdose. It is a sad to hear that a good rapper's talent went to waste. But shit happens, Life got the best of him and yeah. Heres some of my favorite songs from him
  2. QuitTrying

    [CS:GO Staff Application] [:^Sh@rK^:]

    Back in Surf days, Shark was a gangster and a good staff member. Even tho i dont play +1, Held nice positions and knows how to staff.
  3. QuitTrying

    Quittrying introduction

    oh true +rep me retard joke
  4. QuitTrying

    Quittrying introduction

    Aye whattup cuz, No offence but i forget you tbh. Ligma nuts bitch
  5. QuitTrying

    Quittrying introduction

    Aye thanks budski!
  6. QuitTrying

    Quittrying introduction

    Whats up budski, Been good just living life. I can do it again.
  7. QuitTrying

    Quittrying introduction

    Yeah, I didnt start it they did 🙂. Thanks bby ❤️. Thank you, haven't talked to u in time. Hello bossman. Whats up fhookin budski.
  8. QuitTrying

    Quittrying introduction

    *Alright listen i know i already did this, So before you all get butt hurt, I'm redoing this better* Hello! I am Quittrying, You can also call me Cole. I've been in AG For maybe 5-6 Years, I remember joining the old surf server with Mister_Mario, Sh@rk, Auzzie, AX (And Others). The reason why I am re-introducing myself is because I'm going to try and become more relevant in this community. Even tho me and others may have some Problems/beef (Dyrus) I want to try and sort everything out so we can start off a new plate.
  9. QuitTrying

    Goob in CSGO

  10. QuitTrying

    Post your setups!

    I used to play with this kind of setup when i was in my basement, When having the mouse under your keyboard you dont have to worry about flicking and hitting something, it gives you more space to use with mouse.
  11. QuitTrying

    1-Word Game

  12. QuitTrying

    LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    Yo to be honest, Yall see this kids forums? It went from one name to another and looks like some ass cheeks. i still ly tho +1
  13. QuitTrying

    King Ross

    Welcome bad zaddy
  14. QuitTrying

    Ight, This be deadass

    Ok, If you guys have Iphones, Do you guys ever like feel a vibrate but nothing popped up? You feel the *buzz* and just get fucking memed. I think its my fbi agent signing out and in, wbu