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  1. Goob in CSGO

  2. Post your setups!

    I used to play with this kind of setup when i was in my basement, When having the mouse under your keyboard you dont have to worry about flicking and hitting something, it gives you more space to use with mouse.
  3. 1-Word Game

  4. LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    Yo to be honest, Yall see this kids forums? It went from one name to another and looks like some ass cheeks. i still ly tho +1
  5. King Ross

    Welcome bad zaddy
  6. Ight, This be deadass

    Ok, If you guys have Iphones, Do you guys ever like feel a vibrate but nothing popped up? You feel the *buzz* and just get fucking memed. I think its my fbi agent signing out and in, wbu
  7. Finally Leaving AG :(

    Actually. You got me, i was gonna be the happiest kid in this community
  8. Shoutbox Archive

    its never to late :)
  9. Good old memes

    If you guys remember this. I respect you hella hard.
  10. Shoutbox Archive

    I just noticed how much D4C [Dirty Deeds] hated me LOL or enjoyed me I remember all of these, I miss my old non-toxic self
  11. Quittrying intro

    YOO Pussies whats up u all look like sid from iceage. Good afternoon say it back :^)