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  1. Give us our retired back

    Oh damn I'll take on please
  2. Happy Birthday DeathLock!!

    Happy birthday loser
  3. Where the fuck this man's retired tag 

  4. Flenagan Staff App Gmod

    Just noticed I forgot to fill the lua question and that is gonna be a resounding no :)
  5. Flenagan Staff App Gmod

    Actually active now so reapplying sounds nice. Age: 16 TimeZone: CST Recommended By: Anti How Long Have You Been Apart Of Allied-Gaming: Over a year. Link(s) to GameTracker Times for Each Server: Semi-Vanilla: https://www.gametracker.com/player/Mr. Flenagan/ Semi-Custom: https://www.gametracker.com/player/Mr. Flenagan/ Which Server Will You Be Most Active On: The good one jk, Semi-vanilla mostly, but I'm available for both. How Many Hours/Week Will You Be Active For: Easily 2 hours a day. Which Server Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: RDM, disrespect, hacking, etc. What Is Something You Would Like To Accomplish While Being Staff: I used to be staff and retired a few months back. I'm bored and need something else to distract me. I guess I'd just like to help out the server again. A lot of great people are still there so I have plenty of incentive to play. I was promoted quite a bit so I'd like to think I did a good job. I had a lot of fun as staff and with a new community, its a great way to meet new people. Are You Active on Forums/Discord/Teamspeak: I don't post too much, but I'm on Forums/Discord fairly often. Not too big a fan of TS3 but I can get on. Do You Know LUA: No
  6. The Trap Of CG

    Yo pass me some of that shit
  7. rip s4mple 2k18

    Love you man thanks for making my staff experience better.
  8. [Garry's Mod Staff Application][Pingu]

    +1 Pingu was easily the best staff on Semi-Vanilla. Overqualified to say the least.
  9. Bully Hunt3rs

    this is fucking hilarious
  10. [Garry's Mod Staff Application][Kap]

    that's a fat fucking +1
  11. 1-Word Game

  12. 1-Word Game

  13. 1-Word Game

  14. Can we get this weeb shit off of forums?

    Time to ban everyone on forums
  15. Are Traps Gay?

    Traps are better than actual women.