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  1. Sometimes I feel like the world just doesn't want me to have what I've earned.

    1. Tater


      So you say fuuuuck the world!!! 

    2. Farid


      change the world

  2. NaisA-

    Forum Changelog

    July 11, 2018 Added Donor Log to Menu Now you can see where all outgoing payments go. List of Past Donors Can now tag specific Forum Groups @Community Council Wiped Video Streams (more details TBA) What's to Come Introduction of Clubs/Club Wars/Club Ranking System. More Forum Tags for all Forum Ranks.
  3. NaisA-

    I'm Turning 21

    @Headline @kekbun don't wanna leave me hanging 🙂
  4. NaisA-

    I'm Turning 21

  5. NaisA-

    I'm Turning 21

    My license doesn't expire until next year. I got time 🕜
  6. NaisA-

    I'm Turning 21

    Besides that @Mr. Richard Cranium should I get a medical card too while I'm at it?
  7. NaisA-

    I'm Turning 21

    On the 15th... What should I do?
  8. Hunger Games has been a huge success over the years, and now we're bringing it back! Huge thanks to @Headline @kekbun @Red John for taking the time to set up the server and take care of any issues. Kekbun is our Server Manager for Hunger Games, stepping down as Co-SM of 1v1 to take this position. Let's give her all the support she deserves! Click the banner to join the server directly, and be sure to favorite the server as soon as you do!
  9. We've been anxiously awaiting to unveil our new R6 Siege Team, and while we're still working out the minor details in our project, we can proudly show off the strong team that'll represent AG going forward! We are bringing in a plethora of talent. @Rainbow Six eSports Goku - Coming in as our in-game leader. With a cool head and a 200 IQ playbook, he's striving to take our roster to the next level. Mints - A R6 prodigy. He's an excellent pulse player and won't let anyone stop his roam play. Lean - A very talented entry fragger. Once you give him room there's not much the other team can do. Lisa - Don't let her sweet voice steer you wrong. Just because she's a support doesn't mean she won't put a bullet in your head. Cavsoft - As our flex player he'll play any operator and get work done. If he gets in the zone there's no chance for the enemy team. Vik - The coach of the people that'll lead this team to victory. His sexy voice is enough to change the attitude in game and get the team hyped up. -- Don't miss your chance to come support our team! Follow and subscribe to their streams and make it a priority to tune in whenever a game is live!
  10. NaisA-

    4000th post

    @Fush hey now, 4000 posts on the new forums isn't bad either.
  11. NaisA-

    4000th post

    Congrats dude! I remember when Bladez, Pyra and I use to make quality posts to get to our 4000th benchmark 🙂
  12. NaisA-

    Forum Changelog

    June 27, 2018 Released New Donor System Includes Integration with Discord, Forums and CSGO Servers (GMOD under construction) Fixed Bugs with Thank You Page and Profile Display (Thanks Deathlock) Fixed Template Issue in Member Shop Added Reputation Amount to User's Bar
  13. NaisA-

    Games to play

    Anything but Fortnite