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  1. ur hot

  2. Give us our retired back

    @P2 where that Retired Award at?
  3. Go +1 my app nerd

  4. rip s4mple 2k18

    I'm sorry that the forum transition threw a curve ball in your community expectations. We hope to continue to improve our forums and our community as a whole. For myself I'm appreciative of the time you've spent giving back to the community that's certainly had an influence in your life. Thanks for your time and dedication, and I hope to see you lurking around.
  5. [Forum App][Krispy]

    Sorry, you have to be at least 7 to even be considered for Forum Moderator (:
  6. [Forum Staff Application][Crow]

    Needs more input.
  7. [Forum Staff Application][kekbun]

    While your application is certainly a candidate for Forum Moderator, external factors come to play. First, your role as a Server Manager. As one of two Server Managers, it seems it'd be easier to get new and recurring players in the server and have them sign up on the forum. I simply don't see that happening, not with 3.3 hours in the past 2 weeks in CSGO. While this may seem irrelevant, it shows me that you have ongoing responsibilities cut out for you, and thus you should take care of them first. In the meantime, other applicants are showing they're ready to make the jump to becoming a Forum Moderator, so let's give them a chance. Don't be afraid to reapply when the next application cycle comes around. Denied.
  8. [Forum mod][eZ^]

    Are You Willing to Host Events: Yes If Accepted -- The item above is what really throws me off. As a Server Manager, you should already be working with/without the Event Manager to populate the 1v1 Server. As you already have a lot of responsibilities (1v1 Server Manager and Discord Mod) I suggest you focus more on your former role before taking on another. Being a forum moderator isn't a lot of work, but I want each of them to put forth 100% and I can't get that from you when you have other places to be. Don't be afraid to reapply when the next application cycle comes around. Denied.
  9. SoBe's Forum Staff Application

    (Wrong Format) This application is way too long in the making. I apologize for not getting to this one sooner. You're a terrific kid and I respect how you want to make forums a better place, however i cannot accept everyone. There are other applicants that, based on their application, want the spot more. Please feel free to reapply when applications are reopened. In the meantime, I ask you continue to do an excellent job managing our Discord server. Denied.
  10. [Forum Staff Application] [MelonsRule]

    Throughout my experiences, I have learned what it takes to be a staff member, what is expected of me, and I have tried my best to consistently improve on any shortcomings I may hold. I do my best whenever I serve as staff, as I feel dedication to AG that I have not put elsewhere. I am well versed with the responsibility of being a staff, the pressure, and of course, the power that comes with it. I wish to have the ability to be able to keep our Forums a welcoming, efficient, and helpful place, and I also want to ensure that rules are broken as rarely as possible, while ensuring a great environment is present throughout the forums. I do not intend to leave behind an impact, but merely an example. That example is to all that aspire to help AG as I have, and that example is that if you dedicate yourself, if you follow the rules, and do your best, you can hold any staff position and hold it well. -- The items above were what really caught my eye. Having been a part of AG for a long time significantly helps. Not only do you know the majority of our members, you know how they talk, how they act. You know the difference between a troll and a person with malicious intent. You know how to deal with situations responsibly when they arise, based on past experiences with each position you've held in our GMOD servers. You say that you want to make forums a welcoming and helpful place? Well, here's your chance. Accepted.
  11. Forum Changelog

    May 11, 2018 With help from Webster fixed Neutral Reaction limits. Fixed News Length on Home Page. Saw off @Mr. Richard Cranium and @akua from our staff team. We wish you luck in your future endeavors. Demoted @s4mple from Forum Moderator for lack of activity. Added Overseer Rank (prev. known as GMOD Division Leader). Closed Moderator Applications
  12. Community PUBG Outing


    Makes me happy at least one other came to the event that RSVP :) I say 7 people is successful!
  13. Community PUBG Outing

    If you play PUBG, come out to Discord starting at 6:30 PM PST and play with members throughout the community. Let's try and rotate Duo and Squad games to get everyone involved and meet new faces! If you know you'll be a part of this event, RSVP (may be used for future events) so we can be sure to have enough VC ready in Discord.
  14. [Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

    Declined. @Kurama Koukla is a huge part of why Discord is running as well as it is right now. She has built our Discord from the ground up and has done a great job alongside @SoBe. What @Webster has to show for supposed abuse and misuse of powers, its clear her moderation is pushing the limits. However, she is only doing what she thinks is best for our Discord, and for some people the rules have to be held to the highest degree. She has justified all of her reasoning and it lines up. For those that have commented on this matter in favor of the demote request, especially those who do not participate in the server, know that those targeted are instigating the problem. To fix that, just ignore each other and follow the rules of the Discord.
  15. "News" page

    It’s on the Home Page right now. I can make important posts add to our Slider and What’s Happening feed.