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    I'll say this and leave it at a neutral. I wouldnt mind you being staff youd probably be fine for it. However I talked to Goob like a month ago and I dont really wanna just put him out there but he was unhappy with the size as well as handling of obligations from the current staff among other things. My solution would be to postpone the decision of this application until Goob does what he wants with the ts. As it is now there is no need for more staff, it's almost just a position to get a free channel. However if you would like more power over the surf sections in ts such as creating sub channels and essentially ownership of the surf channel I dont see a problem with that since you are surf SM. If you already have it then great, if not then you should have it. That way, at least for the time being, you get the minimum of what you actually need to foster some activity for ts through surf and we avoid adding another member to an outdated and overpopulated staff list.
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    I used to be an admin. I'm gay. Hi Shark.
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    he didnt do a very good job OMEGALUL
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    @Karisma is stepping down as CSGO Surf Server SM and @SharK Is taking his place. Shark has been hard at work on the server and has plans for it.
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    From the time that I have been on at the same time you are, you've shown some serious dedication to helping players, whether it's answering questions in regards to surf or to things outside of that. I won't give my response yet, other than a +1, but I'll give some others the time to respond before I make the decision.
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    Thank you guys for all the nice comments, I will try my hardest to keep the community clean and positive.
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    I once walked in on my ex's parents doing it.
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