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    -Alright here's all the additions, I'll make everything more pretty tommorrow when I have the time or during the weekend but bear with me, ya'll have been patient with me on this whole ttt project I've worked very hard on, especially the start with @UHabit and I really appreciate all the feedback. I hope ya'll enjoy the server as much as I do from how it's turned out so far. Weapons - 1. All weapons have been re-animated in a sense, they're all vanilla TTT weapon stats, but re-animated with no performance hits. I hope ya'll enjoy this, especially my personal favorite, the crowbar. They also all feature C_hands enabling you to see your player models hands if your player model has them with it. 2. Crowbar [Damage Re-Vamp] - Headshots do 54 damage, bodyshots do 20, arms and legs do 11 damage. This should set-up a viable use for crowbars and make crowbar fights more interesting and spicy for the server. 3. TMP [Re-Vamp] - Accuracy increased and damage increased to 16 FROM 14 damage. 4. Mac-10 [Re-Vamp] - Damaged increased to 14 from 12. (Accuracy is better then tmp, by like, a LOT.) Pointshop related stuff - 1. Pointshop perma-weapons have been added, each weapon costs 10k and available to any rank! Enjoy. 2. Pointshop betting added, bet which role will win at the end of the round for points. 3. Airdrops have been added into EVERY map, they contain points, hats, PM's, AND exclusive airdrop ONLY PM's. Airdrop point low = [10,000] point high = [1,000,000] Tools - 1. Death emblem suite has been added, create death emblems for people to see after you kill them, like COD, except you create them, I don't care how retarded or lewd they are, they can have big fat black cocks for all I care as LONG as I see nothing racist or borderline offensive from it. Ya'll have been good about this, don't make me get stupid with this addon. 😄 2. ModernMOTD added to server, basically a nicer looking rule viewer. 3. Ragdoll remover added, if a ragdoll starts to go fast enough to crash the server, it will instead be removed thanks to the addon. 4. Shoutvote has been added, after voting your map, shout into voice chat to give your vote more power, things get chaotic but this is tbh my favorite addon. ya'll make this addon fun and thank you for that. Maps added - minecraft b5 community pool 2017 rooftops swg ttt island 2013 ttt skyscraper ttt cruise ttt foundation a1 ttt cluedo b5 improved ttt nuketown ttt metropolis ttt metropolis v2a ttt muesem heist v6 mtt resort All weapon spawns have been re-vamped in each map to contain every weapon possible, no 1 weapon locked maps! Player-Model's Tekken Kuma (Veteran only) Master Chief Harley fairy fencer TDA Shadow Miku Swat Shield Zeal Team Carbon Miku v2 Hotline Miami Jacket SAO Fatal Bullet LLENN Ranks - All ranks have been updated to have what powers they're supposed to have. Thank you for everyone's suggestions and balancing ideas, I've implemented a lot of ideas in the server from everyone DM'ing and well just speaking to me about the server. I really do appreciate it, keep it up with the ideas! I wasted my 4 day week and work days to make this server possible, please give a poor man a poor mans like on this post. ~ UWU ~
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    Definitely a -1. You read the rule, talked to an owner about it, and went through with it anyway BECAUSE you would get blacklisted. Literally said you never wanted to come back so you decided to take a shot at the community. So gratz dude you got literally what you wanted
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    A well drawn diagram of WHY ASS IS BETTER if u pick tits and a flat ass over a better constructed body consider urself blocked
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    Addon name: Link to addon on workshop :https://forums.ulyssesmod.net/index.php?topic=6791.0 Filesize of addon: not sure This addon will help with reoccurring players to stay longer by giving them some type of "reward" this reward being a tag corresponding to how long they have been on the server. For example, players on for 12 hours total on the server will automatically receive a member tag/ role. I believe this adds some appreciation for the players that are more active. And this should be added to both Gmod TTT servers. and maybe for roles that add up to higher hours they can have special shop items, but not items that will make Donator roles not worth the money. Not sure if this is already on the server but it should definitely implemented.
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    Accepted. Always need a communist spy, accepted to the team. Welcome!
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    As P2 mentioned, I would believe a secondary blacklist would fit perfectly fine for now and have him on it for quite some time to prove that he actually wants to stay within Allied-Gaming. From what I am understanding, Jayce took trolling a bit too far with advertisements and foolishness, along with a refunded donation. I think we all know that refunding a donation is a bannable offense just like everywhere else. My honest opinion is let the kid have another chance. I've watched him slowly mature in to somewhat of a better person, by all means, he can have childish moments like some of us and mess up along with the kid still growing up. At the start I didn't enjoy Jayce being a part of the TS3 Staff Team along with his powers on servers, but then he kind of got the hint of it being time to stop messing around. Posting that link is fine for now, but look at this as well guys, this is a great point proven. After all the trolling when IA started, he decided to make a post and tell them it's not fine to do and have them stop. This may be after his blacklist and such, but it's starting to make things a little more serious of all the non useless trolling that was happening when they decided to come do stupid things in our TeamSpeak. Advertising can always lead to a ban depending on the severity no matter what. With what Tizona said, if this ban was truly based off a donation as well, he should 100% be treated equally. Overall, I believe there should be a chance given to Jayce as he seems to learn from his mistakes, along with that, I would like to get some of the people back to get everything going again with getting our members back as we seem to be dragging, just like me being inactive. I would say a serious conversation with Jayce about this appeal would be a good idea. Lastly, his "alt account" that was made was never used by him in any way of trolling, he just made an account to think about trolling on but did not. Along with that, I accept the apology from Jayce and believe he should be given a second chance. Currently at work, so if something doesn't make sense, I will look at it again later.
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    Completely understandable, but unless I was misinformed Jayce just trolled while Lazy didn't. Other than that they pretty much did the same. That includes trying to stop any other further trolling, an example is Jayce posting a thread on their old forums about not trolling. Here's the link: https://isolationarts.mistforums.com/thread/about-ag-387236 I hope that link is fine with the owners, my intention isn't to advertise (Plus their community is dead anyways) but to show Jayce didn't mean to cause any additional harm.
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    I mean it's kind of pointless, because if Lazy got unblacklisted (Co-Owner and "conspirer" of IA). Then there's absolutely no reason as to why Jayce shouldn't be unblacklisted. This is because Lazy did just as much, even more than Jayce did. While you guys are -1'ing this post for the reason of "he deserved it if he just wanted to troll", think of it like this what if your 2 friends just got blacklisted and you can't play with them in the community you're in right now. You're most likely are going to leave to go to the other community. Whatever you do is your fault from there on though. However it brings me back to the point of Lazy did it worse but he got unblacklisted.
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    -1 No reason to bring this person back and risk them doing it all again when they get bored or salty and want to join a new community. The guy can't even remember talking to Goob, or asking to be blacklisted. So whose to say he will remember what he promises to not do in order to get unblacklisted. Also, who gives a fuck if the refund went through or not, the intentions were clearly there. Laziness doesn't change the fact that he wanted to fuck over AG. Poor guy must be so lonely, but maybe he should try and fix what he did, before trying to get unblacklisted to hang out with his buddies again.
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    Mother fucker its a yes or no question. No being tits and yes being ass.
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    Anything but Fortnite
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    Hello everyone As the implementation of the donation system comes to an end, I'd like to inform everyone about how it works and talk specifics. As you can see, the Donation tab on forums leads you to type in your steam account, and then allows you to choose between two packages. The details of what's given for these two packages is also displayed on this page but I'd like to elaborate. Supporter Custom [Supporter] tag on all cs:go servers Supporter role on forums Supporter role on discord (access to private chats, private lounges, and listed above normal users) VIP [VIP] tag on all CS:GO servers Reserved Slot on all CS:GO servers VIP role on forums VIP role on discord (supporter benefits but with a VIP chat, listed above supporters, and a custom role) Server-specific VIP features These are the two "base packages" which should have meaning across all of our community, but server managers are welcome to coordinate custom donation options which are specific to their server. Those server managers should get in contact with me to discuss logistics. The two base packages are automated for cs:go & discord, meaning the role is automatically assigned after the transaction goes through. gmod automation is possible to be created in the future, and we're working on that, but for now gmod donations will have to be manual. For discord perks to be work, you must grab your discord User ID and place it in your forums profile, details about how to do this can be viewed here. The listed price for VIP & Supporter are yearly and obviously all donation money goes directly to server costs. If you'd like to help us through this year please consider donating. We're working hard to get more packages on the site, and I will open these comments to more suggestions to help us as a community decide what we should focus on donations wise. I'd like to thank @NaisA- for working to get this system online, and for @Kurama Koukla for helping me with the discord side of things. -Headline
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    Prometheus sucked. Developer's making a new version anyways. The one now in place is better in the long run. Thanks @Headline for all the work you're pouring into this!
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    I personally like the old donation system better but I know it’s till in the works so I’m happy to see some progress happening.
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    Age:19 TimeZone:classified Recommended By: @Esbelto How Long Have You Been Apart Of Allied-Gaming: cg? Link(s) to GameTracker Times for Each Server: i have 1,000 hours Which Server Will You Be Most Active On: esbelto's ground pounder ttt server How Many Hours/Week Will You Be Active For: none Which Server Rules Are Most Commonly Broken:people being bad What Is Something You Would Like To Accomplish While Being Staff: ban esbelto Are You Active on Forums/Discord/Teamspeak: no unless i need to set someone straight Do You Know LUA: i freakin made it
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    as straight as the pole he dances on
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    dont worry i gotchu
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    sorry only play fortnite and watch ninja, dont have time for anything else. Over and out, Emokid3204
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    Every day we stray furthur from the light of God.
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    Thank you for taking the time to make this blacklist request. This request has been Approved!
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    In-Game Name: Mister Mario Server suggestions: Suggestion: 85 tick server Reasoning: I get the point of 64 tick being the 'competitive' tickrate for surf servers, however I think a server like this should appeal to new players rather than try and attract the veterans from well established servers. Uppping the tickrate to 85 makes maps easier and adds more room for error on certain maps. I feel new players would prefer 85 tick, as there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck on the 2nd stage of the map for hours until the map changes. I personally find 85 tick surfing more enjoyable, and I think the managing of the server should be focused on making it an enjoyable experience rather than creating a competitive environment. Suggestion: Change the WR replay bot Reasoning: At the moment the bot will continuously replay the map WR run, this means whoever wants to watch the bot needs to wait for it to finish the current replay and then start a new run. This could be improved by adding a feature that lets the spectator start the replay, these bots are already used on other servers, and it allows the spectator to select the specific replay that he/she wants to see i.e map, bonus, stage x. Suggestion: Start speed chat message Reasoning: This feature is part of most well established servers timer settings, it allows the players to see their start speed when leaving the start zone, this allows players to judge their run based off of something experienced surfers knows as 'prestrafing'. While this feature primarily appeals to experienced surfers, it is also something that new players will have to learn at some point in order to improve. Suggestion: Remove flashing text motd messages Reasoning: The server will occasionally display a flashing motd message in the top center of your screen. (says something like "Apply for staff at URL AG forums) This is extremely distracting when doing a run on a map, and the same thing could be accomplished with the use of a colored chat message. Suggestion: !bugreport command Reasoning: This command allows players to report bugs or make suggestions while in-game and on the server. The bugreports would be available to players with the 'dev or zoner' rank and these reports contains the player who reported the bugs location on the map as well as the reasoning for the bugreport. I can see how a command like this ruins the purpose of this thread however I feel it would be a good addition. Suggestion: Fix the zoning of some maps. Reasoning: Many maps could be zoned in a better way, my problem with the current zoning is mainly that many end zones are flat instead of a box, this means that you have to land on the end platform for your time to stop rather than just hovering over it. I think the server could benefit greatly from someone taking the time to zone each map individually rather than using the autozone feature with the timer plugin. Staff and server management suggestions: Suggestion: Add the rank 'zoner' or 'dev' Reasoning: The purpose of this staff position would be fixing maps, as well as adding new maps. It is very easy for a server to feel like nothing new is happening, and the server will die out quickly if the players feel this way. Therefore maybe one or two knowledgeable people should have the permission to add new maps as well as fix zoning of already existing maps. Keeping up with new maps will attract new players and even experienced players might join to practice the map. (For this job i suggest keeping up with EarthwormEds youtube channel where he uploads map showcases of new and upcoming maps.) Suggestion: Change the direction of the servers future. Reasoning: I would like to address my personal opinion on what works and what doesn't work on a surf server. The number 1 reason why surf servers die out is the vision for the future of the server. Server owners always try and make "The next big competitive server" but in reality this doesn't work out. KSF community is the place to go for competitive surfing and that is not going to change. So I feel the Server manager and the staff team should take this server in the direction of being enjoyable for new surfers. This kind of server would be completely driven by the individual personalities on the server, by this I mean a great part of making people enjoy themselves comes from the in-game chat and voice chat. This is my first impression of what the server is currently missing, and my personal take on what makes a server succeed and what kills a server. Good luck team :^)
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    Declined. @Kurama Koukla is a huge part of why Discord is running as well as it is right now. She has built our Discord from the ground up and has done a great job alongside @SoBe. What @Webster has to show for supposed abuse and misuse of powers, its clear her moderation is pushing the limits. However, she is only doing what she thinks is best for our Discord, and for some people the rules have to be held to the highest degree. She has justified all of her reasoning and it lines up. For those that have commented on this matter in favor of the demote request, especially those who do not participate in the server, know that those targeted are instigating the problem. To fix that, just ignore each other and follow the rules of the Discord.
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