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    Done. Under ~/invision/system/Content/Reactable.php You had to change line: 77 from : $count = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'COUNT(*)', 'core_reputation_index', array( 'member_id=? AND rep_date>?', $member->member_id, \IPS\DateTime::create()->sub( new \DateInterval( 'P1D' ) )->getTimestamp() ) )->first(); into $count = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'COUNT(*)', 'core_reputation_index', array( 'member_id=? AND rep_date>? AND rep_rating!=0', $member->member_id, \IPS\DateTime::create()->sub( new \DateInterval( 'P1D' ) )->getTimestamp() ) )->first();
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    Rude. I vote Subsy for douchebag of the month. Who's with me?
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    No it definitely should not be a safe space, just a place for people to hang out, play games and meet new people. Discord is an app completely made up of typing and voice chatting, there'll almost always be problems or shade being thrown.
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    when i was on the server i noticed how much she spammed chat but she yelled at others for doing the same. If she doesn't like you she warns and bans you more and she just made it generally an unpleasant place for anyone who isn't her friend. Couldn't stand to even be on that server for more than like 3 days till I finally left. I know others have said they prefer teamspeak because they don't have to deal with this power tripping hoe.
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    Currently there are 11 different reactions to choose from, out of those 11 only 6 affect rep positively or negatively. currently there is a limit of 2 reactions a day to prevent abusing the rep system. If there are 5 reactions that dont affect rep, why should they count towards our daily limit? I think that the ones that are +0 shouldn't count towards the daily reaction limit.
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    This is how they'd look against the background. Community Council Root Forum Administrator Forum Moderator Overseer Developer Event Manager Server Manager Head Admin Server Admin Server Moderator Discord Staff Teamspeak Staff Member
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    I'm not that good with trying to recreate an anime style, but i tried my bestest, so heres my attemp at a loli cat girl @Han'na-Hiru
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    As a former Teamspeak manager (for what its worth): I say -1 to this suggestion. Communication in multiplayer games is essential, especially when playing with people who use the Teamspeak. By breaking the rules, not only you ruin the gaming experience but also provoke the need to "rage quit", ultimately leading to a person possibly not joining Teamspeak again or maybe this community. Its true that its internet and you have to be "mature enough" to be on it but like all the rules suggest, it is meant to keep players and make a welcoming environment for them. In your case, a simple sorry could've gone a long way and prevented all of this from happening. And no I don't believe your ban was unjust, simply due to the behaviour you exhibited. The only reason why I am bringing your ban up is simply because you need to hear it from someone that isn't part of management.
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    Type: Raffle


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    @Lazyboy900 is bringing 2 awesome prizes to help support our community! We're looking at Dead by Daylight, one of the trendiest games on Steam! 1 Ticket ($2.50) = 1 Entry for Raffle Our raffle picks winners automatically, so the more raffle tickets you have, the greater your chance at winning prizes are! Prizes 1st Prize: Dead by Daylight 2nd Prize: Dead by Daylight
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    Appreciation post for my best friend. You're now 20 and you can't talk to me for a straight month LOL Thanks for being in my life and shit haha also im gonna post the drawing i made for u even though i already showed u so people can compliment me :') Happy birthday you fucking dork @Headline
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    Thanks to the suggestions made by @Kurama Koukla and others, Asian and I decided to change the colors to what Koukla posted (except Head Admin, which we just made more orange) to be more of a coordinated rainbow :D Community Council Root Forum Administrator Forum Moderator Overseer Developer Event Manager Server Manager Head Admin Server Admin Server Moderator Discord Staff Teamspeak Staff Member
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    I think the colors for a few roles should be switched around, Forum Admin with Head Admin Server Manager with Server Admin. Then all the staff colors for forums would be green and server ranks would all be blue I don't think server Admin should have such a different contrast and SMs blend in with all the normal ranks. Other than that I think everything else is fine. Not a big thing but I think it would be a good change
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    Sad to see you go but we already talked about this earlier in the year. I'll probably still give you some sort of power/rank for your year and a few months of dedication to the server since I know you're not going to be dumb with it. Come hop on the server from time to time and make sure to play some league with us. Good luck with school and everything else in your life, take care man.
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    Age: 17 (birthday is in a month bb :^ ) watch out) TimeZone: EST standard. Recommended By: @eZ^ @Headline (i had to beat it out of him tho :') ) Previous Staff Experience (Explain in detail): Forum staff in the old AG, admin in multiple positions such as TS for CG, and old AG servers. Currently SM for 1v1. How Often Do You Use Forums: Daily. How Often Do You Use Our Discord Or Teamspeak 3: I use discord everyday, and Ts3 every other few days. Why Do You Want To Become Staff: I want to become staff on forums in order to lessen the workload for others, also I enjoy coming on the forums daily to be updated. I usually see things that should be moderated before they're caught by others and I'd love to help out around the community in more areas than just my position as Server Manager in our 1v1 arenas server. Rules You Believe are Most Broken on Forums: Spamming for rep, Irrelevant posts that don't concern the topic. Are You Willing to Host Events: Yes. If Accepted, What Do You Believe Your Impact Will Be: I believe my impact would overall improve the staff team as it is. I'm on very often and I know the rules in order to deal with problems that come up.
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    +1 You already know I'm +1'ing this. eZ is easily one of my favorite people in AG and has amples amount of experience of moderating and knows how to control situations. I have no doubt in my mind where eZ wouldn't do a good job as moderator.
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    Declined. @Kurama Koukla is a huge part of why Discord is running as well as it is right now. She has built our Discord from the ground up and has done a great job alongside @SoBe. What @Webster has to show for supposed abuse and misuse of powers, its clear her moderation is pushing the limits. However, she is only doing what she thinks is best for our Discord, and for some people the rules have to be held to the highest degree. She has justified all of her reasoning and it lines up. For those that have commented on this matter in favor of the demote request, especially those who do not participate in the server, know that those targeted are instigating the problem. To fix that, just ignore each other and follow the rules of the Discord.
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    This. This isn't okay. That's all I should have to say but no. @DoubleCaret @XXXANAX I understand if you don't like someone, but that is something you post or talk about in your own, private time. Even if we are a gaming community with shits and giggles, @Kurama Koukla will easily warn for harassment, or being toxic; but people can be toxic to others without anything said. If things are being enforced, they should be enforced all around. Other than that, I'm happy with the way things are on the discord besides the fact that me and @eZ^'s kanna bot was revoked :^) also might be retarded but idk if i tagged the right xan?? lmk if i fucked up sorry
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    @Esbelto @KawaiiSatan @Kimilinni Stop. Its becoming a harassment fest and not relevant to the topic.
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    Nigga there's a reason noone cared about this post last time you posted it
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    Code Type Period Expires Restricted To Redeemed By 6560194533BC5C0833BB0EF169AAC976 Guest Pass 1 W 2018-07-07 14:00:06 Not restricted Not yet redeemed C6F06EF943B35FE4D5B961811293E2A2 Guest Pass 1 W 2018-06-07 13:01:38 Not restricted RedJohn23 8ACBBD5420E900807A66858BDF5D7EDE Guest Pass 1 W 2018-05-07 12:02:24 Not restricted Not yet redeemed First come, first serve. If you've redeemed one before they won't let you redeem another code just saying (;
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    name is scratch, thanks for ur recommendations
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    4/22/18 @Sky and @IAXI have been promoted to admin
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    You're actually a child, holy shit, what a circlejerk. -1. Grow up.
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    I'm sorry that the forum transition threw a curve ball in your community expectations. We hope to continue to improve our forums and our community as a whole. For myself I'm appreciative of the time you've spent giving back to the community that's certainly had an influence in your life. Thanks for your time and dedication, and I hope to see you lurking around.
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    Yeah s4mple I loved you, but after you resign and you gave me that toxic @, gonna have to disown you. CY@
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    bro that shit aint blue
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    HDMI usually can't stream that much data through it, it isn't powerful enough, but DisplayPort cables can do anything, and they're just more reliable and made for 144hz. My friend uses an HDMI for his 144hz monitor but I couldn't use one myself, and it took me a week to get the right cables in so I would make sure that you get it right the first time so you don't have to wait. :)
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    https://www.amazon.com/VG248QE-1920x1080-144Hz-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B00B2HH7G0/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1526155600&sr=1-1&keywords=144hz+Monitor&refinements=p_89%3AAsus Here's the one that I've got, but honestly friendo you don't need 144hz, I would go for 120hz if they're cheaper, you can't really tell the different between the two, and it makes your graphics card work harder to render more frames. It's a win / win if you can find a cheaper 120hz. Here's another one, but it's curved :) https://www.amazon.com/Sceptre-C275B-144R-Monitor-1920x1080-DisplayPort/dp/B07BVW5TV5/ref=sr_1_19?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1526155695&sr=1-19&keywords=120hz+Monitor Also protip, if you don't like the ones posted here and you want to find your own, absolutely make sure that the monitor has a DisplayPort spot, and that your graphics card also has a DisplayPort spot, or else you'll have to use Dual D-VID cables which isn't bad but it doesn't feel as modern. Good luck!
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    I'm not opposed to colors changing, but I don't wanna lose my pretty blue color for Forum Admin :c
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    Age: 23 TimeZone: Central Recommended By: @Webster Previous Staff Experience (Explain in detail): 1v1 SM, Discord Mod How Often Do You Use Forums: I always have a tab open at home and at work How Often Do You Use Our Discord Or Teamspeak 3: discord daily, teamspeak for meetings Why Do You Want To Become Staff: To help moderator the forums and help out the community. I feel I remain unbiased in my decisions and do not withhold on my actions regardless of who it is. Rules You Believe are Most Broken on Forums: spam posts/comments that are off topic. Shoutbox spam Are You Willing to Host Events: Yes If Accepted What Do You Believe Your Impact Will Be: Making sure rules are followed, solving any disputes that may come up, making sure everyone is treated equally and fairly.
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    Throughout my experiences, I have learned what it takes to be a staff member, what is expected of me, and I have tried my best to consistently improve on any shortcomings I may hold. I do my best whenever I serve as staff, as I feel dedication to AG that I have not put elsewhere. I am well versed with the responsibility of being a staff, the pressure, and of course, the power that comes with it. I wish to have the ability to be able to keep our Forums a welcoming, efficient, and helpful place, and I also want to ensure that rules are broken as rarely as possible, while ensuring a great environment is present throughout the forums. I do not intend to leave behind an impact, but merely an example. That example is to all that aspire to help AG as I have, and that example is that if you dedicate yourself, if you follow the rules, and do your best, you can hold any staff position and hold it well. -- The items above were what really caught my eye. Having been a part of AG for a long time significantly helps. Not only do you know the majority of our members, you know how they talk, how they act. You know the difference between a troll and a person with malicious intent. You know how to deal with situations responsibly when they arise, based on past experiences with each position you've held in our GMOD servers. You say that you want to make forums a welcoming and helpful place? Well, here's your chance. Accepted.
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    Are you color blind? Asking for a friend
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    Telling staff not to harass people: https://gyazo.com/b81a0b93ad14e1a876d9543fd1527884 https://gyazo.com/36254255c07d3ce06d0ab6c10d8e0dd0 Telling staff to stop arguing with members: https://gyazo.com/51777412c264d4862090eac3c62f85a6 https://gyazo.com/d69f48e41066c5b3838e4641e96bf533 https://gyazo.com/4ea0098c764847c8027069b7df8bab06 Context of my Images: I was calling @Esbelto tubby and fat https://gyazo.com/f1ee63a4549255cfbadf9e687aea141a https://gyazo.com/d93d1a1be065cc64322a21607f08e9ea We were talking about para wanting clout glasses https://gyazo.com/d15dab85b00f894cabea72a9c5710354 Your posts in general chat: (you put a picture of a cat but I'm not gonna go all the way back to look for it, that post was fine) No context I guess just wanted to post a gay couple meme for no reason? not hard to put in meme channel https://gyazo.com/7fa9fdd1af4b2617e890b7a61c46ae6e I'm guessing you did this just to piss me off right after I said that if you kept it up id take away your perms https://gyazo.com/bc12b29b4806f47be8834888a92f8cdb Ive made it clear that I don't like being called a nazi, the time I had my name as Nazi Potato SM was a meme, I wasn't *embracing* what I was and I didn't warn anyone for that time and even a good amount of time after that. Multiple people calling me a nazi and me warning them: https://gyazo.com/30ad25557ad006a13457aad2d1893efb Anarchy: https://gyazo.com/3ef6c43d119822732f5a42675637a46b https://gyazo.com/b0e55d0fdc9c689c980085a2a62dd42f https://gyazo.com/14e6809abe8660a683d69c132fafea34 https://gyazo.com/da346787c8e1d8bb597363cc8f2d5bb3 MULTIPLE TIMES WHERE YOU POSTED THE PICTURE AND I DIDNT WARN YOU: https://gyazo.com/13a74a47b2c8a4aa4ba6048e95f817b1 https://gyazo.com/4e08145e7a1fec97f5c0044c2947bfc5 https://gyazo.com/80acea5a9ec558b0226ebf42ef6011c3 We don't like each other we're not friends, If a friend told MEEE that of course I'm not gonna warn them especially because other people don't do it as consistently as you. I warned you without the bot multiple times to stop doing that as well. Before your mute I said you didn't have to talk to or about me, if you had a problem you could've dmed me or another staff member OR the other SM Asking someone if they have a mental issue especially if you have a mutual disliking of each other doesn't make sense. I don't ask people were you dropped as a baby, are you retarded, is your dad still abusing you at home, as a concern especially in a GENERAL CHAT. I've also deleted pictures from @XXXANAX that were posted in general chat that had absolutely no kind of context and that was disturbing to look at. After I warned you for asking if I had a mental issue: https://gyazo.com/b9bf00ed5d70f5cd376e0c81ae434ade https://gyazo.com/b91926515d088a80f0897df9e7834954 If I warned you multiple times for calling me a nazi why keep doing it? At least with Pengu I can hold a conversation and not get insulted every time I talk in chat. Why would I give him a warn if Im not offended of what he said if it was directed towards me. Also it's in the rules to disrespect staff for being staff, that includes calling them a nazi (this rule has been up for at least a week and isn't that old of a rule) I worked hard and put a lot of time in the discord. I don't want to be called a nazi 24/7 for doing what I'm supposed to do. It's super annoying and disrespectful and it doesn't make me want to work or add anything new to the discord to help improve it. For the image with the N word in it: @Jay was warned for the same thing because he put a gif that said the n word multiple times even though that wasn't the purpose of the post. You legit put a picture that you screens hotted from your phone that you could've easily cropped out which already looked cropped in the first place its not hard to go from this: https://gyazo.com/68f86867861d0f1a64c2b947d3cf4160 to this: https://gyazo.com/55047d1fb66e29642073de2fb6b30ea9 For the nazi signs: I didn't just warn you but I warned multiple people for it, nazi signs are not allowed no matter to who they're directed to thats why staff warns everyone for putting them https://gyazo.com/8c86c1ba6bc8e5cb80b91d09e1bb11ed https://gyazo.com/699e0f03d2feb2704e963d9ad3c603e7 https://gyazo.com/dd197c6f52a9690ecef8cdb0f8a27dcc https://gyazo.com/388c13b86458420ba6f69e2b239d15fb https://gyazo.com/36c51badb9023cba7e1dce3ad9edc418 7 Minutes after that incident you said Nazi Mods which got you this warning https://gyazo.com/31688d02be508f21fce66a29c96ce817 @Cute_eBoy You see moderation logs I post a screenshot right after every time I warn someone, love to see the amount of times I gave unjust warns with the bot @KawaiiSatan You didn't say stop once that whole time, I'd rather not assume that there is a problem and give out false warns, we have 6 staff members SMs included it doesn't seem like any of us got your complaint. I'm not gonna deal with harassment unless the person at least expresses that it is to another staff member or unless if it's obvious in chat that you aren't okay with it. I told Webster multiple times to stop what he was doing he knew I didn't like it. I don't think you contacted anyone or expressed that once. At the same time, I AM NOT THE ONLY STAFF MEMBER OR SM. I'm not going to handle every single situation especially if I don't see it as an issue. Ive warned staff not to argue or be rude to members in the past and I don't think that its something that should still be happening. Some of you want to say I only make it enjoyable for my friends. I don't know most of the people in the discord and I can frankly say I don't like most of the people. The only person Ive known before hand and or talks to me outside of discord is @DoubleCaret. What he did wasn't right and could've been handled. I've warned him in the past over text and voice not to start stuff with people. I don't know who's friends with who in the discord. If you're new I legit probably have 0 idea who you are. I don't know what you're going to take offensive or seriously. You just need to make that clear to a staff member. If I abuse and ban whoever I wanted Id love to see who, I rarely ban people unless they keep doing things that they've been warned for multiple times or just come in the discord to troll. For everyone who says double and I are dating and or flirting. We are not. I don't give him anything extra and I let him use my custom vc however he wants since I rarely get in vc in the first place and don't really talk/play with anyone from the discord.
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    I can just feel the static in this thread welcome to the forums
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    I unfortunatly know who you are
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    Because it’s fine the way it is. It isn’t stopping me from doing anything so I’m my opinion changing it would be for nothing.
  43. 1 point
    Making stupid threads to avoid studying for exams next week. The usual.
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    Name that nigga Brian, he looks like a Brian to me and plus you could be talking about the racoon in front of your mom but his name is Brian Literally 10000 iq play
  45. 1 point
    Rocket, after the one from Guardians of the Galaxy. Cute raccoon tho, and wonderful job for saving him!
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    Damn thats a sweet setup
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    don't add 500+ addons this time pls
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    First Welcome back to AG!
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    I'll say this, my opinion is out there so I have nothing left to say but normal human beings this goes differently, especially among friends. Snoop gets home, joins ts and his friends channel, "sry guys had to go didnt have much warning mb", everything goes by no problems. Instead he comes back to what he feels to be an unjustified and abusive ban and gets upset, common courtesy is no longer important. I dont disagree with you, an apology is deserved and thats fine, but expecting/demanding an apology after doing something to piss someone off isn't really gonna go well. All in all I don't think it was handled well by anyone involved, but an 8 hour ban for someone afking a league game is more than harsh. The punishment absolutely doesn't fit the crime. He wasn't punished for not saying sorry so it's realistically irrelevant. He was punished for leaving a league game because of an iffy interpretation of a 4 year old rule that was made for a differentish reason. "This rule was initially created 4 or so years ago when Arminaz and I were still SM's of teamspeak, what led to this rule being created was people intentionally trolling/leaving league and csgo 10mans to start drama on teamspeak" The rule makes sense in this context and is fine. Keep people from trolling inhouses.
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    +1 on that ^ . kinda getting ridiculous.
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