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  1. Today
  2. [GMOD Staff Application][Lennox]

    You haven't been on the server in the last week it appears. While the server may be sorta dead, you can at least still just afk it to show us you're still dedicated and interested. Therefore, I'm going to go ahead and -1 because it seems as if you lost interest. If you start to become active again I will change this but for now, it will be that.
  3. Fortnite

    Just mentioned what skin I was using. If this were a serious thread you would have posted your tracker after multiple people asked
  4. [GMOD Staff Application][Lennox]

    Under Review! This application needs more feedback, it would be appreciated if members left more opinions, thank you!
  5. Share Your Music Thread

    now some proper beats this time
  6. Yesterday
  7. Share Your Music Thread

    I really like lofi and found this one a couple weeks back, listen to it a lot.
  8. [Garry's Mod Staff Application][Pingu]

    Application Accepted You're active on the server but you should still work on your maturity a bit more, welcome to the team.
  9. [Garry's Mod Staff Application][Kap]

    Application Denied You're a bit too inactive Kap, if you want to re-apply you can in 2 weeks.
  10. Talking About Random Shit #6

    Late 2012, early 2013, only joined forums prob mid 2013
  11. Talking About Random Shit #6

    December 2015
  12. Talking About Random Shit #6

    Long enough to hate these threads you keep making.
  13. Talking About Random Shit #6

    I’m pretty sure late June 2017 (1 year soon :^))
  14. Share Your Music Thread

    found this excellent channel with great songs
  15. Talking About Random Shit #6

    June 2015 I believe
  16. Share Your Music Thread

    nah its not new at all
  17. Talking About Random Shit #6

    By server I assume you meant community, I think I'm approaching 8 years. So, yeah. This has had a massive impact on my life. It's been great, though I haven't been too active recently, I still enjoy being apart of it.
  18. Share Your Music Thread

    I haven't followed them for awhile, is this new at all?
  19. Fortnite

    So what is your name so i can look you up on fortnite tracker. For reference I do all my challenges in solos and my k/d is still above 2 while my duo and squad are 3.7 and 3.4 respectively. I just want to verify that you can even make the claim you are asking of other people. https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/pc/Sage Mode Stupid
  20. Last week
  21. Share Your Music Thread

    huh so you found that on youtube huh
  22. Share Your Music Thread

    top quality tunes, this is
  23. Fortnite

    cba to anymore, i just fuck around in community servers
  24. Fortnite

    Can you just stop posting things that don't relate to the thread my guy
  25. Fortnite

    It's okay man I can't see him over all of the boy scout badges on my sash sergeant lul.
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